Express Thesis

$95.00 GST

Introducing the Express Thesis, a new product from DB Bookbinders in 2020. Listening to our customers and looking back over orders we have taken the time to create a Thesis product with a faster turn around time, easier and faster ordering for you. Removing the headache of getting your Thesis printed and bound. If you are looking for more customisation and personalisation check out our Bulk order form.

  • Included border straight
  • Book ribbon standard
  • Gold Stamping

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Binding Students work is the bread and butter of DB Bookbinders, which means we are set up with the tools, staff and experience to make your thesis or folio properly. So many students think that the last and easiest part of the completion of their work is just printing out and sticking a cover on it. But in most cases, that is far from the truth. And, after having probably sold the farm, doubled up the mortgage and sold off a kidney to get this far, the last thing you need to worry about is having to reprint a 400 page document or scrap the whole book because of some poorly constructed binding that won’t pass the scrutinizing eyes of the Lecturers and /or examinations office, much less do all of your hard work the just it deserves.

Avoid making the last moment of your thesis or design folio be stressful and painful, come to the experts.


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